ambiance de la salle du Trésor du Pêcheur l'escape room à Annecy ambiance de la salle du Trésor du Pêcheur l'escape room à Annecy

The Fisherman’s Treasure


In the village, people whisper since a very long time that Armand, the old fisherman, had hidden an invaluable treasure in his cabin by the lake.

The story
A Magical story
to discover an incredible treasure

An immersive catchy story that will hypnotise you !

Realistic sceneries, magical manipulations and a beautiful story that unveil itself according to your discoveries. This is the promise granted by the fisherman’s treasure. An Escape Game to live with family or friends.

“In the village, people whisper since a very long time that Armand, the old fisherman, had hidden an invaluable  treasure in his lake shore cabin. Since his passing away, none of his heirs had been concerned by his succession.

Everything could have stayed this way for a lot  of years if a big landscaping project hadn’t seen the light, pushing the descendants to manifest themselves and a unic poetic atmosphere.

The new nautical base must soon replace this remnant of the past that is the cabin.

Exceptionally, you, the distant family, have been allowed to enter a last time in this place full of memories.

Will you be able to find in time this treasure before the excavators proceed to the definitive destruction of the cabin?”

The + : An immersive experience down to the finest details and a unique poetic ambiance.

(For a team of 6 players)
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ambiance de la salle du Trésor du Pêcheur l'escape room à Annecy
Family Idea

The Fisherman’s Treasure the ideal Escape Game for families!

This Escape Game is a story to live with family or friends! Discover the most poetic investigation, an out of time set and an exciting story. The Fisherman’s Treasure is another way to see the Escape Game experience. Your goal will be to discover the secrets of a mysterious character and to find his treasure, well hidden in his cabin. Subtility, observation and thinking will be your allies. To sum up, a captivating story, ideal to create memories with your family with a touch of magic!

They approuved

“One of the best experiences of our whole career. L’Atelier des Enigmes wanted to make a difference and managed to do so. No mad rush but observation and thinking. Everything is logical, nothing is overthought. You don’t save the world, you discover the intimacy of your old uncle and his wooden cabin…”
ALLO ESCAPE, specialized website

« Excellent Escape Game where everything is handcrafted. We’ve done The Fisherman’s Treasure : the riddle is well built because we don’t know what’s waiting for us. We will come back for the other rooms with pleasure even if we don’t live close!!! And that’s without mentioning a very passionate and sympathetic team!!”
JohnCR78 via TripAdvisor Aug.2019