Original gift in Annecy

Buy an Escape Game gift for Atelier des Énigmes

As a box or a voucher, all occasions are ideal to offer an original experience to your beloved ones.
What’s better than giving them good memories? That’s what you will claim while offering this gift with a bit of proudness, when will come ‘presents time’, under the envious looks (you must admit) of other guests!

The box contains :

  • A gift voucher
  • The boardgame Celestia, which inspired our 4th theme
  • Little sweets
  • All of it in a pretty box displaying the colors of L’Atelier des Énigmes


Use an Escape Game voucher Atelier des Énigmes

You were lucky enough to receive a gift voucher to taste the unique experience of L’Atelier des Énigmes?

To use it, enter the code and follow the instructions.
Caution, the code can only be used once!