Atelier des énigmes
Escape room Annecy



L’Atelier des Énigmes presents unique rooms and realistic sceneries for a total immersion. Live fascinating stories and solve highly logical puzzles. Guaranteed addiction! Poetic history, fantasy universe, immersive trip or top-secret mission, the choice is yours. Completely independent, we are a small team at the service of your curiosity.
Passionate about creating, we wish to provide feelings and memories by playing, giving you an immersive experience of high quality, conceived down to the finest details. For L’Atelier des Énigmes, an Escape Game must have a meaning and can offer much more than just one gameplay.

Voted Best Escape Game in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region

Since 2017, players have elected L’Atelier des Énigmes as the best brand in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region during the Escape Game Awards.
In addition, in 2020, the adventure Celestia the Forgotten City received the award for best game and best setting in the region.
The adventures we have created have received numerous awards and recognitions, and our Celestia adventure was one of the finalists for the TERPECA 2020 and in 2021. Election which aims to elect the best rooms in the world, no less!

An original vision

Escape Game’s concept in Annecy by L’Atelier des Énigmes

  • 4 rooms, 4 ways to play
  • Exciting adventures to live
  • Addictive and immersive games
  • Handcrafted
  • … And a little (a lot) of magic!


100% teambuilding
100% teambuilding

Team building & Company events

Wishing to surprise your collaborators with an outstanding experience? Make a wise choice with the Escape Game L’Atelier des Énigmes.
Ask your teams about our activity, and surely it will be most welcomed !

For example, you can have your collaborators discover a theme and then enjoy an aperitif cocktail.
By choosing L’Atelier des Énigmes you will offer your collaborators an atypical and quality setting.


L’Atelier des Énigmes, creative and addictive !

Well-established in Annecy, L’Atelier des Énigmes is an outstanding and unique Escape Game! When fiction becomes reality, it turns out to be an immersive and unforgettable experience at L’Atelier des Énigmes. Live a story that will subtly reveal itself thanks to surprising, as well as new, gameplays. Of course, each of our rooms is unique and leads you in a universe entirely thought and created by us. Beautiful stories and fantastic stories to discover, missions to accomplish and logical challenges to face, we thought of all your game envies !


Handcrafting !

Annecy, an Escape Game, and there you feel out of place! Dive in an environment where everything is thought and conceived down to the finest details. Each step of the game and each element were shaped by the hands and grey cells of our “master craftsmen of the game”. Passionate about creating, plot lovers and experts in crafting, we offer you an experience entirely designed by our hands in our workshop in Annecy. When you come to our place, remember that everything is thought and created here and that we love to share anecdotes of the process !

How are they doing ?


Our philosophy
Our philosophy

Open since spring 2016, we were one of the first to open in the Auvergne / Rhône-Alpes area. Our team grew up through the months and is now our second family. The wish we make is for you to feel at home when you come to our place and spend an unforgettable time! After your session, through the flow of the conversation, we also will be able to tell you how we create for others as well. Since 2017, we create for others Escape Games mechanisms and automatization systems. Our planning board is at the scene to conceive interactive and funny ideas crazier than the craziest!

“Handmade” creations

At L’Atelier des Énigmes, web ring a particular attention to the universes we create. All our riddles, stories, game mechanisms are guaranteed 100% L’Atelier. We’ve cut all the wiring harness by ourselves, drawn and conceived the mechanical pieces, and for some of them we’ve manufactured them in our workshop. When you will come to our building in Annecy, you’ll be able to see our workshop. Our little hands have also written thousands of code lines that give life to our automates.

An Escape Game warry of the environment!

Our development process guarantees you that our game mechanisms and sceneries are respectful of the environment and were thought to last. Well established on our Annecy area and our planet, we are mindful of using local material of the area or France. It may however be possible that we integrate electronical components from a more exotic localization… We use a lot of second-handed objects and waste materials. To sum up, we’ve put all our creativity, our ingenuity and our love to propose different sceneries and universes with immersive and consistent atmospheres.