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Mrs Ming’s old shop

Rumors have it that Mrs Ming holds a mysterious vault in her old shop… An immersive and unique adventure!

The story
An immersive journey,
full of mysteries and plots.

Prepare to travel in an asian set

Get caught in this universe full of mysteries. Mrs Ming’s old shop is an immersive Escape Room that brings you in Asia, thanks to the set. Many surprises await you.

“You are experienced reporters for the newspaper ‘Myths and Legends’, and your informer contacted you about a scoop to be! A mysterious vault would have been found in the stall of an apothecary, the one belonging to Mrs Ming in Chinatown.

Investigation beeing your specialty, you head for the place. Discover what’s inside this ancestral object before Mrs Ming comes back frome her errand.”

Equipped with your camera, the must have of every reporter, you will try to reveal the mysteries of the shop, to get the scoop of the year!

The + : An immersive experience down to the finest details and a surprising discovery.

For further immersion in this Room, we worked another time with the talentuous musical group from Annecy. After working on the musical theme of Celestia, they created the entire sound base of this new adventure. Listen to their music on Soundcloud.


(For a team of 6 people)
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Surprising universe

An Escape Room full of surprises for a great family moment

Mrs Ming’s old shop is the new experience that brings you in a unique universe, to enjoy an adventure! This room in an asian style and with multiple secrets is the result of a long processed creation. Indeed, we used plenty the time available during the sanitary crisis to offer you a new room made in LADE. And this unique theme, concieved, created, developed and finalized by our team will surprise you!
To play as a family, between friends, as a couple… Mrs Ming’s old shop is full of plots, mysteries and mostly detailed set up, for your utmost happiness.