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– How to proceed on a booking?

How to proceed on a booking?

As simple as breathing ! You can do it directly online via our booking module accessible on our Booking page. If you can’t do it online, you can contact us by phone or come to us, we will book the specified hour you’re interested in.

What are the prices ?

All our prices are indicated on our website’s Tariff + hours The price/people depends on the hour chosen and the number of players within a team (2 to 6 people max).

– I’m not sure about the number of people available

It’s better to book for the minimum players. The chosen day, you will be able to add 1 or more players (without exceeding the maximum limit of the theme) but you won’t be able to withdraw any players, as indicated in our General Terms and Conditions. In the case of adding people, the tariff will be calculated again according to the number of players, and the extra payment will have to be paid before the game.

We’re more than 6 people, what can we do?

As a matter of point, we have two themes playable from 2 to 5 people, and the other two from 2 to 6. We created our themes for an optimal experience of quality, right to the limit of players. As we are a Building Open to the General Public with security norms, we will not waver from the players’ limit by game. For a 6 people group, you need to build several teams and each team will discover in parallel one of our themes. For this to happen, you need to book games that are within the same hour.

Can we cancel of modify a booking?

You can add one or several player until the day of the game and as long as it doesn’t exceed the room’s maximum limit. In this case, the tariff will be recalculated depending on the real number of players. If a player can’t come for the game, no refund will be possible. No modification about the day nor the hour may be possible once the booking is done. If you had to cancel, no refund will be done. We advise you to make sure every player is available before booking the game.

– How to use a gift voucher?

You just have to get on the Gift voucher page, to enter the code indicated on your voucher and proceed to the booking.

Game session

Can we play 2 games in a row?

Of course! If 2 games are available in a row, you can book them to play them one after the other.

What’s the minimum age for playing a game?

The minimum age to participate in a game session would be 10 years old accompanied by at least 1 adult (being part of the players), or 15 years old with a parental agreement and without an adult accompanying them.

We are more than 6 players, what can we do ?

Indeed, we offer all our themes from 2 to 6 players. We have designed the themes for an optimal and quality experience, up to their participant limit. As we are a Public Access Centre with safety standards, we will not deviate from the limits of participants per session. For a group of more than 6 players, you must form several teams and each team will discover one of our themes in parallel. To do this, choose sessions in the same time slot, book with the same name and there will be no time difference.

I’ve booked several sessions at the same time, but they start at quarter past. Do we have to come at different times?

If you book several themes at the same time, with the same name, we will organise the sessions in the same time slot. The teams must arrive at the same time, in order to be able to start and finish in the same time frame. To do this, you must book all your sessions with the same name.

How many people are needed in a team ?

All our themes welcome 2 to 6 players per sessions. Your adventure will be a unforgettable moment wether you are in pairs, trios, quartets… However, for a better experience, we recommend that you form teams of 4 players. Please note that the sessions are private, i.e. you will only be with each other.


What if we don’t speak French?!

At L’Atelier, you can discover all our universes in English or in French. It will be a pleasure to brief you in English and the game will entirely be in English. You will have to specify your choice while booking.

What are the opening hours?

L’Atelier des Énigmes is open from Monday to Sunday with a closure on Tuesday. Access to the rooms is only possible by booking the room.

How do I get to L’Atelier des Énigmes ?

You have several ways to get to us, at: 8 bis route des creuses – PA des Verts Prés – Bât. 18 – 74960 Annecy. Discover all the possibilities on our contact us page.

How much time must we plan on the game day?

The game session lasts 60 minutes. You’ll have to count 15 minutes of briefing, before starting the adventure, to seize all the necessary rules to enjoy the experience to the fullest, then 15 minutes of debriefing. For a total duration of 1h30mn.

Accessibility for PRM ?

The Fisherman’s Treasure, Super Game Colors and Charl-E’s Mission are accessible for PRM. We advise you nonetheless, that at least 1 valid player is within the team to play the game.


Are we locked in the room? What about my safety?

We are very warry of your safety. We thought of every aspect for you to have the most serene moment. The only game where you’re locked inside is Super Game Colors. But feel safe, at anytime you can exit by pressing the green emergency button of security, just aside the door. For our 3 other themes, the doors aren’t locked. Anyhow and for all our themes, the rooms are big enough to get caught in the moment and only thinking of having fun.

Are we filmed?

Each room is equipped with a video and audio surveillance system so we can follow up your game session to help you if you need it. The footages are not saved.

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