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  • L'Atelier des Enigmes, élu meilleure enseigne Escape Game Auvergne Rhônes-Alpes
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  • L'Atelier des Enigmes, élu meilleur Escape Game
  • L'Atelier des Enigmes, élu TOP 1 Escape Game
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Can we chain two parts in a row?

Of course! If two crenels in a row are available, you can reserve them to chain both parts.

What is the ideal number of participants?

You can be from 2 to 6 players. However, it happens that certain tricks are easier to solve in small group ! To you to see if you wish to favor the quantity of brain to the quality of the exchanges !

Are we locked into the room ?

Not in all the rooms. According to the scenario, the room can be locked. To have the best possible experience(experiment) and protect immersivity, we recommend you to take all your arrangements before beginning the session. Know that we oversee your entire experience to help you and reassure you in the progress.

Your decorations, it is really solid?!

L' Atelier des Énigmes imagined and realized strong decorations in the test of the apprentices handymen. 
But we count on you also a little to help us to protect them: respect safety instructions.

But where is Brian ?

Brian is in the kitchen !

And if we don't speak french ?!

At L'Atelier you can discovering our universes in French or in English. It will be a pleasur for us to make you the briefing in English and the session will take place entirely in English. You will have to specify your choice during the booking.